What Are Your Non-Negotiables in a Home?

As you go through the home buying process, it's important to determine your housing needs. This goes far beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want.

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When you're buying a home, determining your housing needs is incredibly important. The key is to plan ahead.

If you're moving from a smaller property into a larger one, you'll want to plan for the next three to five years. You should have a list of absolutely non-negotiable things like which area you're going to be in, which school district, as well as bedroom and bathroom counts, but it's also important to be realistic about your budget and needs so that you can find the best house to fill them.

You should have a list of non-negotiables.

While you're considering which home to buy, you also need to consider location and the amenities you need to be nearby. For example, if you're commuting a lot, you may want proximity to I-25 so you can get north and south easily. If you're at one of our many military installations, it might also be important to be close to the Powers Corridor.

Location is important, but you also have to consider your distance to work. How long do you want to commute every day? How far away do the kids have to go to get to school? A lot of factors can determine where your new home will be, and a real estate professional can help you make the best decision to find the right home for you and your family.

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