Why Our Open Houses Are so Effective

With our open houses, we don't just put out a few signs and open the property to see for a couple hours. Our extensive system actually starts the night before and includes online promotion.

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We certainly recommend that you do an open house on your property when selling.

My open house system is a little bit different than the standard open house, though. The standard open house is usually a one or two-hour event with a directional sign at a major intersection. My open houses start the Friday evening before the open house.

We put out more than 100 directional signs all around the neighborhood directing traffic to your home.

From there, we really hit the Facebook marketing hard, broadcasting that we'll have the house open both Saturday and Sunday. This allows for a 16-hour open house and allows us to maximize foot traffic. At our best attempts, we’ll see 30 to 40 buyers come through your property during the open house.

Preparing for the open house is going to be important when there is that many people. We want to make sure all your valuables are locked up and out of sight since we're going to have a lot of strangers coming through your property in a short period of time. We work with you to prepare the open house and get your home in showable condition, but most importantly, secure your valuables to avoid any problems.

Our open houses system is guaranteed to get results.

The best thing you can do for the open house process is to get yourself out of the property. Since our open houses are longer than normal, you want to have your kids and pets at a different location for up to two days while we perform the open house. The great news is that the open house has been so effective for us that we can get an offer from our first day. This helps you get the most amount of money in the least amount of time by getting foot traffic in an open house system that's guaranteed to get results.

If you have any questions about our open house system or any questions about the Colorado Springs real estate market in general, give me a call or send me an email. Let's talk soon!