How to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

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Colorado Springs Real Estate AgentToday we'll be discussing the proper steps that can be taken to get your home market-ready so that you can sell for top dollar this spring. I should have you know that you should put your home on the market as soon as possible to avoid the extra competition in the springtime, but if you need to wait until then to sell, then I have some good tips for you.
  1. Clean and declutter your home. Buyers like to see spotless, organized homes. This is pretty basic advice, but I cannot stress enough how clean your home needs to be. Clean in places that you don't think need to be cleaned, like underneath a cabinet or above a door frame. You want your home to look brand new.
  2. Get the paperwork prepared. What I'm talking about is the listing contract and your mortgage statements. This helps determine what you will net when you sell the property, and the listing contract will allow you to make sure that the sale of your home goes according to plan.
  3. Detach yourself emotionally. You probably have a lot of memories and emotions connected to your home, but when you put your home on the market it's no longer your home - it's a product that we're trying to sell. This is difficult for a lot of people to do, but it's also important for a profitable sale. When you have a real estate agent working with you, it often makes detaching yourself from your property easier.
So, if you're ready to sell please contact me. Even if you're not ready to sell just yet you should give me a call or send an email, because I would love to see what I can do to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.